Behind the Scenes of Blogging

Behind The Scenes of Blogging

In episode 2 of Influenced The Podcast, Lindsay and Christine discuss their weekly love and hate, their experience as bloggers and what they’ve learned about social media. Ready to learn all about the behind the scenes of blogging? Go ahead and give this episode a listen to learn more!

Weekly Love:

Lindsay: Stay Sexy and Don’t Get Murdered

Christine: Rocketman and Aladdin (AMC Stubs A-List Membership)

Weekly Hate:

Lindsay: Working Out (Hates anything involving wrists)

Christine: Cost of groceries and eating healthy

Blogging Part 1:

Lindsay: Bourbon & Lipstick

  • Started Blogging in 2011, under a different name. Started back up again in 2014
  • Bourbon & Lipstick is a Southern Lifestyle Blog
  • Started out primarily as a beauty blog, but realized how expensive it was to keep up with purchasing new releases
  • Needed a creative outlet
  • The first post was about bras

Christine: Simply Stine

  • Started in 2012
  • Simply Stine is a Beauty and Southern Lifestyle Blog
  • Started out primarily as a hobby as blogs were becoming popular and she was getting asked a lot of questions about related issues
  • Evolved beyond beauty as she realized she wanted to spend time sharing more of her life and other issues, topics, etc.
  • The first post was about a Bath & Body Works product line

We Discuss:

  • Social Media (Buying likes, followers, etc)
  • Instagram and why we think it’s pretty much the worst at times
  • Loop Giveaways
  • How to put together a media kit and work on approaching brands for sponsored work, etc
  • Why we both question those that ONLY post sponsored content
  • We answer if we think blogging has changed since we both started
  • The difference between Influencers and Bloggers

We’ll be back next Wednesday for a new episode! We’ll continue this conversation about blogging and answer the questions you sent to us!

Don’t forget:

June Book Club: The Idea of You by Robinne Lee (Discussing on June 26th Episode)

July Book Club: Columbine by Dave Cullen (Discussing on July 31st Episode)

See you next Wednesday for a new episode! Again, don’t forget to rate and review us on iTunes! Did you miss our first episode?

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