Expectations on Women

Episode 11 of Influenced The Podcast starts a discussion about the expectations on women in today’s society. As a woman, do/did you feel pressure to always be happy? To get married and have children by a certain age? To keep a household organized and running? Do you feel the pressure to appear attractive and a certain weight?

The truth is, there are so many expectations on women nowadays that a lot of women don’t know how to just be themselves. Lindsay and Christine discuss a lot of these topics (and more) and how they themselves deal with a lot of pressure from society, friends and family.

Weekly Love and Hate

Weekly Love
Christine: Random Kindness (Thanks, Lindsay)
Lindsay: I was a guest on Why Should I? Podcast – the episode is live by the time this one goes live! We discussed the pressure on women to get married and have kids. 

Weekly Hate 
Christine: Hospitals and dealing with migraines. 
Lindsay: Allergies/being sick after vacation

Expectations on Women

-Being told to smile/being told we’re not friendly “enough”

-Shaving: Let’s bring the bush back! 

-The pressure to be thin

-When to have kids (being the one responsible for them when you do)

-That the groceries and household duties are all on us

-That we should all want to get married and be in a relationship

-That we shouldn’t want a professional career when we have children 

-Wearing Makeup

-That we should have sex with our husband/partner whenever and wherever he wants to (Dugger reference)

-Gift purchasing

Other notes: 

-Our favorite plus-size influencers: Authentically Emmie, And Hattie Makes Three, Hayet.Rida,

-How do you split groceries/household chores? 

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