Expectations That are Placed on Women

Episode 12 of Influenced The Podcast is the second part of our conversation on expectations that are placed on women. If you missed episode 11, you might want to go back and have a listen before you start today’s episode.

Thanks to all of you who filled out our listener survey! This episode wouldn’t be possible without your input. These are your anonymous answers and thoughts on the pressures you face. 

But first, our weekly love and hate! 

Weekly Love and Hate

Weekly Love:

Christine: Organized desk/office situation happening

Lindsay: Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay (affiliate link)  / Be There in 5 Podcast about Mormon Mommy bloggers

Weekly Hate:

Christine and Lindsay: Recent Mass Shootings

Lindsay’s blog post on what to do after mass shootings 
Gun laws by state 

Expectations That are Placed on Women

Expectations on Women Part 2

-Here are the questions we asked our audience – we read through some of the answers in the episode: 

-What expectations do you think are placed on women? 

-What pressures do you face as a woman? 

-If you’re in a relationship, do you handle the majority of the grocery shopping/cleaning? 

-How do you split household chores? 

-Have you ever felt criticized for not appearing friendly/smiling? 

-Have you ever felt the expectation to be intimate with your partner, even if you didn’t want to/didn’t feel like it? 

-Do you feel pressured to be thin? 

-Have you felt pressured into marriage or having a family? 

-If you’re single, have you felt pressured to be in a relationship? 

-Do you feel that you have to shave your body hair? 

-We would love to discuss these same questions with men and members of the LGBTQ+ community. We realize women are not the only ones facing pressure and expectations. 

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