Sheryl from How to Make a Life

Episode 13 of Influenced The Podcast features our first ever guest on the show! Please welcome Sheryl from How to Make a Life! She’s a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has experience working in hospice and palliative care, who also works as a health and life coach. Honestly, we couldn’t think of a better guest to have the first time!

Sheryl from How to Make a Life

My career has given me the opportunity to succeed in counseling, guiding and supporting women as both a licensed therapist and health/life coach.
Like many woman, I personally know what it is like when life doesn’t go “as planned”. Throughout my life, I have encountered multiple losses including deaths (both of my parents and grandparents, miscarriages), health issues (autoimmune issues, infertility) and a few broken hearts and dreams. There have been times when I have questioned how I could move forward.
Through my own work of rebuilding, I have used my professional knowledge and personal experience as a blueprint to Make A Life that is healthy, fulfilling and more than I could have expected.
The lessons I have learned and the strength I have gained from my own journey is now a guide I use in helping my clients create their own How To Instruction Manuals. 

Sheryl from How to Make a Life

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Sheryl From How to Make a Life

Here are the questions we asked Sheryl during our episode:

  • Negative self-talk is something many of us struggle with: what are your tips on controlling it?
  • Many of us also struggle with anxious thoughts: is it possible to control those? How? 
  • On the podcast, we recently discussed the expectations many women feel pressured into: how do we get better about listening to ourselves and living the life we want, instead of living the way society expects us to live? 
  • I had the opportunity to take one of your “walk-and-talk” coaching sessions a few years ago and loved it. Can you talk a little about those sessions? 
  • What’s the most important piece of advice you give your clients?
  •  What’s your favorite bourbon? 

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