Investing in Yourself

Let’s be honest, when was the last time that you’ve really invested in yourself? When is the last time that you made YOURSELF a priority? The truth is, a lot of us often times put ourselves dead last. Today on episode 16 of Influenced The Podcast, we talk about the importance of putting yourself first and investing in yourself.

This is a really important topic that we wanted to make sure that we covered. It probably won’t be the last time that we bring it up either. We also bring up the fact that many of us neglect even the basics such as going to the doctor, making sure that we make enough time to see our hairstylists, and even taking the time to eat is sometimes out of the question. THIS IS NOT OK!

Maybe you’re a people pleaser like Christine admits to being. Or maybe you’re a busy mom who forgets that she’s also just as important as her children are…..This episode is to make sure that you’re taking the time to invest in yourself and that you put yourself first from time to time!!!

Weekly Love and Hate

Weekly Love

Christine: The Only Plane In The Sky (Affiliate Link)  AND newsletter service FloDesk
Lindsay: Mindhunter (on Netflix) and the Bardstown Podcast  

Weekly Hate 
Christine: Bills
Lindsay: The past few weeks… 

Putting Yourself First and Investing in Yourself

This episode we discussed some tips on how to invest in yourself and how to make yourself a priority:

  • Say no (and don’t feel guilty about it!)
  • Scheduling time for things that are important to you. 
  • Take a class or course. 
  • Get a massage or other form of self-care. 
  • Go to the doctor. 
  • Ask girlfriends to coffee or happy hour. 
  • Outsource some chores (grocery shopping, house cleaning, etc.) 
  • Therapy. 
  • Hiring a life or business coach. 
  • Treat yourself to little luxuries.  

We want to know, how are you investing in yourself?

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