A Woman's Right to Shoes

A Woman’s Right to Shoes

In today’s episode we’re talking about our favorite Sex and the City episode, A Woman’s Right to Shoes and how it applies to our lives. Also, it’s our twentieth episode! Thank you guys so much for supporting us and this podcast. It means everything to us and we couldn’t do it without your support.

Weekly Love and Hate

Weekly Love:

Christine: Libro.FM (affiliate link)
NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream/ Zurich, Stockholm, and Istanbul (affiliate link)  Lindsay: Lizzo Concert  

Weekly Hate:

Christine: The hot weather/sweating 
Lindsay: “Fatphobic” signs and sayings 

“We Stopped Celebrating Life Choices and Started Qualifying them…” -Carrie

The SATC episode in question, a Woman’s Right to Shoes, is a favorite episode for us both. It is episode 9 of season 6, and aired on August 17th, 2003. How is it that an episode from 2003 is still just as relevant as ever?!?

Our favorite quotes from the episode: 


“If you had a party and told her to leave the baby outside the hall, and the baby was missing at the end of the night, there would be payback.”

“I’m so sick of these people with their children. LOL” Double cappuccino not double strollers.


“Is it bad that my life is filled with shoes and not children?” 

“She shoe shamed me!” (Carrie) “She’s a fucking bitch!” (Miranda)

“Is it bad that I have a closet full of shoes instead of children?

We stopped celebrating life choices and started qualifying them.”

If you are single after graduation, there isn’t a single occasion where people celebrate you”

“I am Santa…I have bought” and went on to talk about how much she’s spent celebrating her friends life choices (marriage, engagements, baby showers, etc)

“And if I don’t ever get married, or have a baby…what?!?! I get bupkis?”


“You must have a lot of time on your hands”

“Come on Carrie, that’s insane.” “Well, that’s what they cost.” “ I’m sorry, I just think that’s crazy to spend that much on shoes.”

“That’s before I had a real life”

Things We Discuss

Topics we cover: 

-The Facebook message Lindsay receives on her birthday every year. 

-Why are only some accomplishments celebration-worthy? 

-Getting grief for buying expensive products and living a “lavish” lifestyle

-DINKS (dual income, no kids)

-Being told “you don’t know busy/tired until you have kids.” 

-You don’t have to be a wife or mom to be important. 

-And more! 

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You Have A Real Life No Matter What Your Situation Looks Like

“A good pair of shoes is just as valuable a possession as a diaper bag.”  I read that quote and it’s stuck with me since. We hope that this episode reminds you that no matter what your situation looks like, you are important and your life matters! What was your take on the episode, A Woman’s Right to Shoes?

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