budgeting and finances

In today’s episode, we’re discussing budgeting and how we (and our listeners) handle finances. We share some of our favorite tools that we use to manage our finances, resources for debt relief and more.

Weekly Love and Hate


Christine: The Grace Year by Kim Liggett 

Lindsay: The fall weather, finally. And When We Believed in Mermaids. Also, October’s book club book was my favorite yet!  


Christine:  Event I was invited to (politely declined) When I saw who attended, I had to laugh. They all look like the same women repeated.

Lindsay: Bloggers behaving badly. 

Finances and Budgeting

We get it, talking finances is difficult for most of us, but it’s important. In this episode we discuss our methods to handling finances and we also share our listeners stories as well. We discuss:

  • Lindsay uses Digit (affiliate link) to budget and save. 
  • Christine and her husband use Quicken to help keep them financially organized
  • How we’ve used debt consolidation loans in the past
  • How we deal with finances in a relationship
  • What we struggle with when it comes to money and budgeting
  • Our background and history with finances
  • and so much more!
Budgeting and Finances
Ready to tackle your budget and finances? We share our real-life struggles with budgeting and how we manage our finances. Plus, we’re sharing our listeners stories as well! #budgeting #budgetingtips #finances #financetips #money

Links Mentioned in the Episode

Don’t Forget

October Book Club: Our book is The Whisper Man. Our episode will go live on October 30th.   (affiliate link) 

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