In today’s episode, we’re tackling two topics that have been heavily requested by many of our listeners. We’re going to be diving right into Pinterest and how it can help increase your pageviews on your blog and we’re sharing some behind the scenes information about Influencers/Bloggers and Holiday content. It’s a very information filled episode, so get ready to take some notes and we hope you learn a thing or two!

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Weekly Love and Hate

Christine Love: The Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask (affiliate link)
Lindsay Love: Girl’s Night and Trick-or-Treat. I love this time of year. 
Christine Hate: Gift Guide and my audience
Lindsay Hate: Possible low voter turnout. 

Pinterest and Holiday Content

Christine breaks down how she makes Pinterest work for her and how she has seen an increase in blog traffic since focusing more on Pinterest.

-First thing first is to remember that Pinterest is NOT a social platform. Instead, it’s more of a search engine. People using Pinterest are looking for inspiration and ideas. Great way to attract people to your site! (Two billion people search pinterest monthly)

-Add Text To Your Images (Images without text don’t always do as well) 

-Use Correct Sizing or Pinterest Images (600×900 or 735×1102 for sizing) ⅔ I believe for image (using Canva and PicMonkey)

-Switch to a business account, claim your website and apply for rich pins (Actionable pins)

-Pinterest SEO (Use Keywords)

-Use Hashtags (No more than 20, they will suggest them once you start typing, 

Tailwind to schedule your pins (affiliate link)

-Add Pinterest on your site and have your images be ones that people will pin (Social Warfare Plugin) 

Tasty Pins plugin 

-I will research what’s trending on Pinterest and add those keywords to my description for each photo

When creating your boards, make sure to add keywords

-Research Keywords? Here’s a trick:

Go to Go to Ads> Create Ad > Click Continue to get to step #2 and the keyword search is midway down this page (Use promoted pins set up to see more suggested keywords)

-Have a board for your blog. For the title, use keywards to describe your website, then the title of your website. ( _______ | then title of site)

-Board Sections (Jewelry is the main board, then sections: Rings, Bracelets, Necklaces) doesn’t matter for SEO

-Create different pins for one post (use different keywords and different hashtags)

-Pins need white space, call to action, subtle branding, lifestyle setting, multiple items

-Video Pins are a new thing for Pinterest (10-20 second videos) *Make sure that you are showing videos that work even without sound 

As far as holiday content, I think it’s important to mention that sometimes (more often than not) a blogger/influencer is NOT in charge of the posting dates for their work. So if you see a blogger/influencer posting #Sponsored #Ad content over and over, a lot of the times this is not always their doing. You work with a lot of different brands and sometimes those dates just fall close together. Now there are those bloggers/influencers who are ONLY doing sponsored content all of the time and well, we’re not talking about them. LOL!

I often see that a lot of people get irritated for seeing holiday content up so early, but again, this is not always on the blogger/influencer. The brands decide when they want the campaigns to go live and sometimes that happens to be in the middle of October. You see, they want to start the holiday rush early and I get it, it can get old. For us who are in this industry, just know we’re answering Christmas emails way earlier than you’d ever expect.

It can be a super stressful and very, very busy season for bloggers/influencers. Keep that in mind. They really do (for the most part) have good intentions and are just trying to make your holiday season more enjoyable and well, full of products from every sale possible LOL!!! Kidding…kind of.

 More Information:

Tailwind FAQ’s

Social Warfare

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