In today’s episode of Influenced The Podcast, we’re welcoming Sheryl from How to Make a Life back to the show! Today she’s going to be discussing How to Cope with Stress During the Holiday Season. We also touch on the following:

  • Loneliness and Grief during the Holidays
  • Financial Stress during the Holidays (and how we don’t talk about it)
  • How do we split time between families?
  • She covers the ABC’s of dealing with stress and the Holidays
  • Delete the “Shoulds”

Weekly Love and Hate

Christine Love: Disney+ is magical 
Lindsay Love: Silly, but I got my eyebrows tinted. Game-changer. 

Christine Hate: Blogger Burnout (Figuring out my game plan and updating site)
Lindsay Hate: To go along with today’s episode, the consumerism of the holidays. The non-stop gift guides, etc. I’m very privileged, of course, and we try to donate during the holiday season and all year. It’s very self-serving to talk about it, but, why are there so few talking about giving back? 

How to Cope with Stress During the Holiday Season

We all can get a little bit crazy during the Holiday season and for a lot of us, rather than this being a time of joy, it can be a big ball of stress instead. So we welcomed Sheryl back to the episode to help us get our situations under control. She dropped some incredible information on us and both myself and Lindsay took notes. We hope you enjoy this episode and that it reminds you that ultimately you are in control of your holidays.

You don’t have to say yes to things you don’t want to. You don’t have to overspend. You don’t have to do things that make you miserable. While this applies to everyday life, this is especially important to remember this time of year.

Saying No is a decision.
Saying yes is a responsibility.

Sheryl from How to Make a Life

We’d love to know your favorite part of the episode! What did you take away from Sheryl’s tips? Anything you’d like to add to the conversation?

We all know that the holidays can be the exact opposite of joyful. Instead, they can be hugely stressful. On today's episode of Influenced The Podcast, we're sharing our top tips for managing stress and being able to actually enjoy the holidays! 

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