Little Women

Today we’re going to be ending the year with our December Book Club episode. We chose Little Women as our last book of the year and it seems fitting for the Holiday’s. Have you read this book before? Both of us had, but we chat a bit about how we’re glad we picked it up on more time as an adult. Also, we still feel very strongly about a certain character. More on that below!

Weekly Love and Hate

Christine Love: My niece and nephews Christmas lists contained so many books!!!! 

Lindsay Love: Marriage Story on Netflix

Christine Hate: If I have to choose where to eat one more time……

Lindsay Hate: Swore-in new Governor today (thank goodness) but the old one wouldn’t move out of the mansion. LOL. Also – Tinsley left RHONY. 

Book Club Discussion: Little Women

Book Club questions found on

  1. Do you think the traditional “little women” roles celebrated in Louisa May Alcott’s classic are outdated in today’s society? What ideals do you believe are timeless?
  2. Who is your favorite character in Little Women, and why? Which character do you most identify with, and why?
  3. In Chapter One, Marmee reads a letter from Mr. March in which he exhorts the girls to “fight their bosom enemies bravely.” For Jo, her enemy was her temper; for Amy, it was her vanity. What would you consider to be your own bosom enemy? Have you discovered a way to manage it?
  4. Although the narrator is able to offer insight from each of the main characters, Jo’s voice rings above the others throughout the pages. How do you think the novel would differ if a sister other than Jo was the central character?
  5. Were you disappointed that Jo did not marry Laurie? Or do you think Professor Bhaer was better suited for her? Why?
  6. The complexities of sibling relationships—a jumble of childhood games, petty squabbles, family traditions, deep frustrations, and fierce loyalty—play out on every page of the novel. What moments best or most precisely illustrate the bonds between sisters?
  7. What scenes from Little Women linger in your mind long after you have closed the book?

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