We’re finally back! We hope that everyone had a great holiday vacation and are excited to be listening to Influenced The Podcast again. We know it’s been a while since you last heard from us, but this week we’re back with our thirtieth episode, which seems crazy! This week we’re welcoming Kim Jones of Lock & Key Home Organization to the podcast and we are hoping to help you get a little organized!

Weekly Love and Hate:

Christine Love: Know Amy Name by Chanel Miller / Schitt’s Creek is back! 

Lindsay Love: Don’t F**k With Cats on Netflix

Christine Hate: This super virus that seems to be going around 

Lindsay Hate: Same as Christine (We’ve both been sick for too long now)

Getting Organized With LKHome Organization

Getting Organized With LKHome Organization

On today’s episode, we’re getting organized with LK Home Organization. Kim Jones is a professional organizer, speaker, author, and mom. We’re so excited to have her on today, and I hope it’s a timely episode for all of you!

  • We learn more about Kim and her experience
  • Her areas of expertise
  • Her biggest area of struggle with her clients
  • Tips on dealing with the struggle of letting things go
  • She explains her process once she begins a job
  • What she loves most and least about her career
  • Where you can purchase her book
  • Who her favorite housewife is

Do You Want To Be More Organized? For More inforation on Getting Organized With LKHome Organization:

Lock & Key Home Organization Blog




Buy her book!

Kim was also so generous that she offered a link to a FREE download with five tips to keep your pantry organized!


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