Episode 3: Making Money As A Blogger


Every week Lindsay and Christine share their weekly love and hate!

(Affiliate Links Included)

Weekly Love:

Lindsay: RHNY  

Lindsay loves her some Real Housewives of New York! We talk about Drunk Dorinda (we mean this in the nicest way possible) and our love of Bethany!

Christine: Flip Brew

I have a major addiction to Cold Brew and my budget is screaming at me to stop going to Starbuck’s. So I purchased this Flip Brew for Rob, but he doesn’t use it often. One day I decided to give it a try and I’ve been hooked since. You can choose your own coffee grounds, and you insert them into this built-in “basket” and you flip it over to brew for at least 12 hours. It’s so easy to use and I swear by it for my Cold Brew.

Weekly Hate:

Lindsay and Christine both brought up their dislike and HATE for allergies.They both live in the South and the allergies can be quite extreme. Any suggestions or tips?!?

On a side note, they both bring up how they have cut out dairy out of their diets. They still love and can’t quite quit cheese. #Oops Lindsay did suggest a  Protein Powder that she uses. It is a plant-based Protein instead of including dairy. For those of you trying to quit dairy or limit it, like they are, this might be a good product for you to look into!

Discussed On Episode 3


Making Money as a Blogger

This is a question we as bloggers get asked A LOT! Can you make money as a blogger? You sure can! We discuss how and when.


Lindsay talks about how she made .70 from a patio set she linked to, lol! Seriously though, what does an affiliate do for a blogger? Should you click on their links? We talk all about affiliate links and why it’s law that a blogger must disclose when they are using them!


Ever seen a blogger or influencer share their LIKEtoKNOW.it link or ask you to swipe up for their link? This is an affiliate link and we cover this program and more on the podcast.


We talk a lot about sponsored blog post opportunities. If you’re a blogger, then you’ll want to listen as Christine shares her advice on way’s to make your brand stand out to companies that work with bloggers and influencers.


  • Bloggers who push out affiliate links constantly (Faster way to fat loss, Tula, Nordstrom Sale)
  • Do you lose trust in bloggers who only pump out affiliate links and sponsored content only?
  • All products aren’t just given to us for free (This is assumed a lot!)
  • Copycatting in the blogging world and what we do to avoid it on our own blogs
  • When can you ask for money? When is it acceptable to take products as payment?
  • Should you ever refuse to write a blog post for free?
  • Struggling with people who buy followers and likes? (We went into detail about this in the previous episode)
  • Bloggers/Influencers who work with brands they’d never personally use or stores they’d never shop at in real life
  • Social Media can disappear overnight, you still have a blog. Focus on that!
  • How did we start our blogs and come up with our name?

We hope you enjoy this latest episode of Influenced The Podcast! Making Money As A Blogger isn’t super hard, but it does take major work and a lot of effort. We hope this episode helped you out!

We’ll see you next Wednesday for our first Book Club episode! Don’t forget to read The Idea of You for June and Columbine for July! We’ll be announcing the August book pick soon!

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