Influenced The Podcast episode one is live! We’re so excited for you to give it a listen and if you love it as much as we are hoping you do, please leave us a review and rating on iTunes! It helps our podcast so much!

What You Can Expect From Influenced The Podcast

Who will benefit from listening to this podcast? Honestly? Everyone! Lindsay and Christine have agreed that no topic is off limits and they plan on keeping the podcast entertaining, informative, and want it to feel like you’re sitting down listening to your girlfriends chatting.

What will you learn from this podcast? A LOT! The conversations will vary week by week and you never know what Christine and Lindsay will come up with next.

  • A lot of book talk as they both love to read and they’ll be featuring a new book every month.
  • Expect to learn more ways to better your life. They plan on having guests share their own experiences and stories.
  • Want to start a blog? Want to better your own blog? Blogging will for sure be discussed.
  • Pop culture will for sure be a topic of conversation as Lindsay is Bravo obsessed!
  • Looking to learn the latest in the beauty world? These two ladies are big beauty fans, so expect them to share their favorite products and much more!

Episode One Show Notes

In today’s episode we’re spending some time chatting about four of our favorite products that each of us chose! We also talk about the attack on women’s rights and Lindsay talks about a product that a lot of us take for granted!

The Attack On Women’s Rights

Georgia Government Information
Kentucky Government Information
Pro-Choice Information

Four Favorite Products


Belle Beauty Hover Cover Hi-Def Foundation

The Calm App (Meant Matthew McConaughey not Brad Pitt)

Mega Babe Thigh Rescue Anti-Chafe Stick

The Idea of You


Susan Cox Powell Podcast (Cold) and TV Show (Oxygen)

Beauty Pie (Retinol Hand Cream)

Peach and Lily Glass Serum

Bravo RHNY/ Southern Charm

June and July Book Club Picks

Every month we will be reading and discussing a book. Here our the choices for June and July!

June-The Idea of you


*Affiliate Links Included*

There will be a new episode every Wednesday! We hope you’ll tune in!

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